Facilities We Established & Programs We Support

Returning Heroes Home built the WFSC with a focus on “evidence-based design,” using research to inform architectural decisions, and building facilities that are designed to improve patient well-being and healing, reduce stress, and provide an overall safe environment – one that allows Warriors and their Family Members to get away from the rigid confines of medical facilities and come to a place that feels like home. The WFSC facilities include the Warrior and Family Support Center, Therapeutic Gardens, Freedom Park, Amphitheatre, and a Sports and AstroTurf Field.

The U.S. military operates the WFSC seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and serves daily meals to visiting Warriors and their Family Members. Many of these meals are donated by local businesses and organizations. Programs, events, and activities established at the WFSC include art classes (jewelry, leather working, acrylic art class, stained glass, mosaics class, cord craft class, model making class), sporting events, gardening, live music events, barbecue gatherings, genealogy classes, slumber parties, dinner and bingo, ladies day out, parents night out, golf tournaments, social events and visits to local San Antonio attractions. In addition, RHH and WFSC host special family events such as the Back to School Bash and the Spring Fling event for children and families getting ready to start new seasons. RHH also brings in artificial snow at Christmas time giving the families the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season.

Likewise, through the generous support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, RHH is able to provide the WFSC with message therapy sessions, as well as an entertainment library, and NFL game showings at the Center, creating a place where guests gather.

A full list of programs, events, and activities can be found on WFCS site: http://www.bamc.amedd.army.mil/military/wfsc/#

Warrior and Family Support Center

The Warrior and Family Support Center is a place for comfort and camaraderie. With over 12,000-square-feet, this facility has an all-in-one, “living room” feel, designed to provide Warriors and their Family Members a place where they can feel the comfort of home. The facility provides a multitude of ways for recovering Warriors and their Family Members to stay connected and spend time in a restful atmosphere, away from a sterile medical environment.

The gardens provide:

  • On-site friendly staff
  • Large social gathering areas where guests share meals, stories, and enjoy their time
  • Open, family style, kitchen facilities where home cooked meals are prepared
  • Cozy dining room area that allows for intimate or group gatherings and activities
  • Learning facility for computerized training where guests can work toward personal development and pursue ongoing education
  • Private counseling rooms used to help Warriors and their Family Members overcome difficulties and work toward healing and well-being
  • Business center with high-speed internet access where families connect online, research, and work on personal business matters
  • Game room where friends engage in activities that promote connections and a sense of well-being
  • Movie Theater/Media Room where family and friends spend time connecting over movies and popcorn at family movie nights and special feature events
  • Library with comfortable seating where families spend time reading and studying
  • 6,000-square-foot front and back veranda with comfortable seating where families and friends spend time connecting, lunching, and engaging in activities that build well-being
  • Misting fans on verandas for Service Members with burns seeking fresh air

Therapeutic Gardens

The WFSC’s Therapeutic Gardens were designed to meet the needs of all types of physical challenges and offer a place for Warriors and their Family Members to find peace and connect to nature, which reduces stress and anxiety. Following the best practices of evidence-based design, the Gardens were created with input from leading medical professionals, therapists, and related experts and now provide wounded, ill and injured Warriors an optimum environment for healing and rehabilitation. In 2015 the WFSC’s Therapeutic Gardens were recognized by the American Horticulture Therapy Association for its evidence-based design and every year visiting Warriors are able to use the Gardens for beautiful wedding ceremonies and other significant events. The garden provides a place to walk, experience nature, relax, and spend time alone with friends and family. To see a video of the gardens, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW5S1W4IIzs
The Therapy Gardens offers:

  • Respite from a sterile hospital/medical environment to promote healing
  • Planted areas showcasing a mix of desert and tropical Texas landscapes
  • Access for guests in wheelchairs and easily maneuverable for amputees with prosthetics
  • Raised beds of different heights for thoughtful accessibility
  • Butterfly garden with a profusion of color year round, helping guests connect to nature
  • Courtyard with an Italian tile mosaic of Purple Heart Medal, used for Purple Heart Ceremonies
  • Regularly scheduled social events for Wounded Warriors and their Family Members
  • Pavilion areas that provide additional shade and BBQ pits for family time and friendship building
  • Running water features designed to complement the garden landscape and attract local wildlife
  • Opportunities for guests to garden, promoting a sense of peace and solace

Freedom Park

Freedom Park provides an atmosphere designed to promote healing through physical activity. The 6-acre grounds were designed with input from the clinical staff at the Center for the Intrepid in order to maximize the effectiveness of the resources for physical therapy, healing, and rehabilitation.

Freedom Park offers:

  • Running trails in a natural setting to promote well-being
  • Fit Trail Workout Stations designed to provide both lower and upper body exercises
  • Sand volleyball pit used for physical exercise and sportsmanship
  • Park-like setting with running water features designed to complement landscape and create calming atmosphere
  • Shade structures for rest and relaxation
  • Restroom facilities and water fountain for convenience
  • A variety of walking textures such as pavement, dirt, grass, and pebbled walkways that allow for safe access and therapy for those learning to walk with prosthetics
  • Children’s playground area where families can enjoy each other’s company and get some fresh air and physical activity
  • Daily occupational and physical therapy sessions with Center for the Intrepid therapists to aid recovery


Part of the 6-acre Freedom Park grounds contains the amphitheatre which provides a meeting place for large-scale events honoring Warriors and their Family Members.

The Amphitheatre has been used for a variety of events including weddings, Service Dog Training, military and family ceremonies, dance performances, concert performances, and similar events.

The Amphitheatre offers:

  • A layout specifically designed for wheelchair-bound guests to sit comfortably alongside family
  • Artificial turf and stone seating area for up to 300 guests
  • Canvas cover to provide shade for guests during daytime events
  • Spacious auditorium style seating, allowing guest to spread out in comfort
  • Elevated stage for excellent view of live performances and ceremonies

Sports and Turf Field

Also included on the 6-acre Freedom Park grounds is the Sports and AstroTurf Field. This area provides another option for accessibility and activities designed to help Warriors regain physical strength.
The Sports and Turf Field offers:

  • Open AstroTurf field for sports and training activities
  • Grassy areas for picnics, physical training, outdoor organized and modified sports, and activities
  • Restroom facilities and water fountain for convenience
  • Stone structures that allow guests to climb and step-up as part of their physical therapy
  • Daily occupational and physical therapy sessions with Center for the Intrepid therapists to aid recovery